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Yosemite Is Being Inundated With Wonderful Waterfalls

Wonderful Waterfalls at Yosemite National Park

We hope you like Wonderful Waterfalls.

KCRA reports a particularly wet season has led to a Yosemite resplendent in waterfalls. Basically, this outdoor paradise is even more beautiful at the moment.

The report states that the major players in the area, Yosemite, Bridalveil and Inferno, are all enjoying a tremendous surge in water thanks to more snowpack than usual in the past few months.

The truly awesome part in all this is “hundreds, if not thousands” of waterfalls have popped up and are running all over the park.

Granted, these are of the temporary, short-lived variety. That just gives you more reason to get on that trip to Yosemite that you have been putting off for years.

Yosemite National Park Ranger Scott Gediman tells KCRA: “People are going to see waterfalls that have either not flowed before or are flowing at huge capacity. Now that we are getting the warmer weather, with the huge snowpack, it’s creating a lot of water in the meadows and incredible waterfalls.”

According to the report, waterfalls have popped up everywhere. Some, such as Sentinel, Staircase and Royal Arches, have been dormant for years.

Gediman continues: “In my 20-plus years here, I have never seen Yosemite Falls flowing at the velocity it has. There’s just water everywhere.”

California’s capricious weather means this may be the unique year that features astounding waterfalls festooned around the park.

You never need a reason to visit this iconic location. However, if you are kicking yourself for missing the season’s firefall display then consider this your chance at redemption.

Yosemite is absolutely swimming right now and you are missing it.

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